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My creative process starts on local beaches…

where I collect wood that has drifted to the shore. The time it spends in wild conditions in the sea takes its toll, leaving rough, unpredictable shapes and making it impossible for 2 pieces to be exactly alike. I usually go out looking for it after huge storms, mostly during the winter.

I use paint, cloth and even silver to make these pieces come alive. Growing up in Piran made me fall in love with art, and has inspired me ever since I learned how to draw. I try to use as many different colours as possible, always mixing new combinations to capture what Piran is all about. The city has been destroyed in wars, flooded, under fire and even devastated by plague, and yet people have always found the will to put on beautiful colours and give Piran its charm again and again.

Many people from all around the world stop by my atelier every year, all sharing the same love for art, driftwood and the city of Piran.