Piran, 21.9.2022

I'm recharging.

Another summer is coming to an end and I am, once again, overwhelmed with emotion. Tens of thousands of people visited Nika’s tiny house again and I’ve been blessed to meet and talk to many of you. The unwavering support and all the good wishes I receive from you are filling me with indescribable joy and energy to create more. 

Summers in Piran are always chaotic, to say the least, and my atelier is no exception. For weeks, I worked every day to fill the shelves in Nika’s tiny house. And regardless of how hard I tried, some days I simply couldn’t finish enough pieces to give everybody a chance to purchase my art. Because of that, I also had to put this online shop aside – something I’m trying to fix right now.

For the first time in 7 years, I closed my atelier well before the summer ended, to recharge and focus on relaunching this online shop. You will soon be able to shop here again and have a chance to purchase my art from anywhere in the world.

Thank you for your patience and support

p.s: If you’d like to get notified first when my work is available here again, make sure to leave me your email.